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Marion Cotillard & Guillaume Canet: The new glamour couple of French Cinema

May 21st, 2012 general

For lots of students who come to learn French with Azurlingua, cinema is often a main topic of discussion. Here is the new glamour couple of French cinema! Partners on screen as well as in real life, these two actors have a discreet relationship, far from the glitz of showbiz and are parents of a little boy named Marcel.

Cotillard: The Star

Marion Cotillard rose to international stardom in 2008 when she received an Oscar for best actress in La Vie en Rose. Born in Paris in 1975, Marion Cotillard spent her childhood in the Orleans area growing up in a family familiar with the show business. Her mother is an actress, her father an actor and director. She made her debut in a play directed by her cousin!

After high school, Marion Cotillard moved to Paris and studied drama, acting in both theatre and films.

In 1998, she acted in the movie TAXI, but refused to be confined to such Blockbuster films and refused to be in TAXI 2 and 3. Marion continued with theatre and independent films. In 2003 she acted for the first time in an American film, BIG FISH by Tim Burton, and in the same year, she crossed paths with a promising young actor: Guillaume Canet.

They shared the screen in JEUX D’ENFANTS. During filming the two actors got along very well but they were only friends. At the time Guillaume was married to German actress Diane Kruger.

In 2007, Marion Cotillard landed a role that would change her life. Her portrayal of Edith Piaf in Olivier Dahan’s La Vie en Rose was astounding and won her recognition that went far beyond French borders.

The film was a success in the United States and Marion Cotillard became the second French actress to win an Oscar for Best Actress (the first was Simone Signoret in 1960). Thanks to this Oscar, Marion Cotillard’s Hollywood career was launched. She became the latest French actress to win over the hearts of Americans.

The Gifter Canet

Guillaume Canet is a child prodigy of French cinema. He was born in 1973 in Boulogne-Billancourt to a wealthy family of horse breeders. He once thought he’d be a jockey but a bad fall off his horse which put an end to his dreams. He turned to his other passion: acting.

He enrolled in the prestigious Cours Florent in Paris and quickly began landing roles, first in theatre and then in films. In 1998, he won the César for Most Promising Actor. In 2000, he shared the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio (now a friend) in the British film, The Beach by Danny Boyle.

Quickly after the rise in his career, Guillaume Canet wanted to spend time behind the camera. In 2002, not yet 30 years old, he directed his first movie MON IDOLE which was a great success.

Four years later he brilliantly adapted Harlan Coben’s thriller novel, NE LE DIS À PERSONNE, which earned him four Césars, including the prestigious Best Director.

In 2012, the third film he directed, LES PETITS MOUCHOIRS, was met with a phenomenal success. It became very popular with people in their thirties. Canet now joins the elite in young French cineam, along with Marion Cotillard of course!

A couple that keeps their feet on the ground

Guillaume Canet isn’t your typical star. He is gentle and polite. He is the ideal son-in-law. Despite it all, his marriage to Diane Kruger finished in divorce in 2006.

Shortly after, he got reaquainted with Marion Cotillard. Their relationship started in secret. The two young actors are the subject to much attention but their private lives are rarely in the gossip columns. The couple doesn’t frequent trendy places and they do not attend social events in Paris.

Some would call them boring, others say it’s intelligence and awareness that protects their privacy. In any case, both actors have successful and thriving careers. Marion continues to pursue her international career and has become a French fashion muse. As for Guillaume, he continues his career as both actor and director. Between 2010 and 2011, Marion Cotillard put her career on hold to give birth to the couple’s first child.

Little Marcel (in honor of Marcel Cerdan, boxer and great love of Edith Piaf), was born in May 2011. Maybe he’ll take after his parents in a few years!

Azurlingua culture has provided you with this article within the framework of our partnership with Bien dire editors (a magazine to learn French). Find it in this months’ issue.

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